Beyond time

Our restaurant is named in honor of the most famous Polish classical composer, Frederic Chopin. It is quite a traditional place, located in the very heart of Cracow. The entrance to the restaurant is decorated with replicas of paintings, originally painted by the most prominent Polish artists.

When the guests enter the restaurant, they can hear a gentle sound of classical music. It gives the place an impression of elegance and sophistication

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and superb


and refinement

Tasteful furniture, antique brown stone tiles, wooden floors, comfortable sofas and gentle colors and lightning. Huge mirrors and magnificent golden frames from the old times. A color stained – glass window over the bar draws the visitors’ attention.

Presently we offer to our guests four rooms which can hold 75 people.

Soon we will have an additional room for our smoking guests


Polish cuisine

Our restaurant serves traditional Polish dishes, including soups (Polish żurek, tomato soup and chicken soup with pasta), main courses (spare ribs, pork chops and potato pancakes) and desserts (apple tart, home – made cheesecake and fruit ice-cream). We recommend Polish beer, hot and cold beverages, drinks and a wide variety of Polish and foreign alcoholic beverages.

The CHOPIN restaurant organizes, with the help of our friendly and professional staff, corporate meetings, family gatherings and other events